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Pusat Perubatan Homeopathy Nik Omar
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Our Speciality

At Homeopathic Medical Centre

We treat all kind of diseases that cannot be treated by other medical practitioners.

We specialised more on Chronic Diseases such as:
Stroke Patients ( Lumpuh)
Migraine ( Migrin)
Infertility ( Mandul)
Tumor ( Ketumbuhan)
Cycst & Fibroid ( Sista dan fibroid)
Keloid, Warts ( ketuat)
Rheumatism / Gout ( Sakit Sendi)
Gastric ( gastrik )
Ladies Problem ( Masalah Haid)
Miscarrige / abortion ( Keguguran)
Endometrosis / Dysmenorrhoea ( Senguggut)
Children Diseases ( Penyakit Kanak-Kanak )
Forgetfullnes (Perlupa )
Parkinson ( Urat Saraf )
Chronic Cough, Asthma (lelah)
Herpes, Herpes Genitalis ( Kayat Kelamin )
Hepatitis, Jaundice
Early Stage of Cancer, etc

Mission Statement is to give the best alternative medical treatment for hopeless patients.

( Berikan mereka harapan untuk hidup melalui rawatan alternatif - homeopathy, akupunktur dan lain-lain therapy)

This is our opportunity to describe the philosophy of our center.

Our mission is to provide ever patient services that prepare our patients for better the future. We use an interactive approach that allows our doctors and nurses to work with our patients at all time. We feel this is the best way to uplift the moral and aspiration of each of so called hopeless patients.

We give them chance to live. while others says death
We give them hope, while other says no chance
We give them light, while other see darkness
We give them medicine, while other says no medicine
We give them remedies, while other give drugs
We give our patient a chance to try, other says no
We solve promlems, while other try to search
We give therapy for insomania, while other give sleeping pills.
We treat by rational, other by conventional
We we acupuncture needles, while other give syringe
We give natural remedies from plants and herbs,
while other give knife
NBo drugs, no antibiotic , no streoid
Lastly our method is friendly and natural
We always aims for the best health care to everbody

Program Design ( Treatment )

If you wish to try homeopathic or acupuncture treatemnt with us;

Here we may describe the structure of the program.

You or your famliy, father, mother, sisters or brothers, etc may come direct to any of our medical centres.

For out-patient you may visit our Day care Centre or clinic at Kuala Lumpur or Kota Bharu.

For staying in wards or chalet, you may contact our Nik Omar Homeopathic Hospital at Kg Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

Tel: KL 03-26926549, Pasir Mas 09-7972948, KB 09-7440440

Homeopathic Philosphy
* Give natural medication
* No drugs no streoid
* No side effect
* Single dose
* Minimum Dose
* Proving oh Healthy Human being
* Human Friendly

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