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Acupuncture Treatment Is Best For Migraine

 90 %  Migraine  Cases Treated With Intergrated
Medicine - Acupuncture & Homeopathy

 Please note that Migraine can be treated successfully with integrated medicine i.e. Acupuncture & Homeopathy.
Almost 90 % of cases done at our Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture and The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia are classical migraine cases with the duration ranging from one year to 15 years history of migraine.
Some of the research done by other acupuncturists
Migraine Treated With Acupuncture
by Dr Suleiman Shaikh
From: Jinnah Potsgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.
Migraine is the most serious ailment of all headache. Many drugs, from as simple as panadol, ponstan, ergot to B-blockers are tried by allopathic doctors to treat this syndrome, but failed to cure.
Acupuncture has been tried in 100 cases with success rate of about 80%. The mechanism of action in these cases can be explained on the basis of Pomerenz Theory.  Many studies have been done in this regard in the western world.  The Pakistani experience is being submitted.
32 female and 8 male patients were reffered to POE Hospital, WAH Cantonment, Pakistan. 6 needles were inserted on different acupoints of the body, electrically stimulated for 30 minutes and followed for 6 months. Frequency of headache and duration was reduced by 75% to 65% respectively.  70% of the patient were improved enough to stop their use in drugs after treatment.  21 out of 40 patients were completely well. Common sysmptoms of migraine headache such as vomiting, bed rest, absence of work was reduced by 90%.
The normal point for migraine is Shihenkong Ex6 and Ashi Points.
We have treated more than 1000 migraine cases in our Homeopathic Medical Centre at Pasir Mas ,Kuala Lumpur and also Kota Bharu.
-Prof Dr Nik Omar .
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Sepanjang tempuh perawatan yang kami jalankan di Pusat Perubatan Homeopathy Nik Omar baik di pasir Mas, Kota Bharu atau di Kuala Lumpur, kami telah merawat lebih dari 1000 orang pesakit-pesakit migrin dengan jayanya.
Terapi yang kami jalankan ialah dengan menggunakan kaedah Perubatan Integrasi Timur dan Barat iaitu Akupunktur dari China ( Timur) sementara Homeopathy dari Germany (Barat)
Bila kombinasi kedua-dua terapi ini dijalankan serentak, menyembuhan migrin amat menajubkan dan hampir 90 % pesakit-pesakit migrin yang menjalani rawatan ini berjaya dirawat dan disembuhkan.
Pada pendapat penulis, tidak ada satu sistem perubatan yang dapat menandingi kehebatan rawatan akupunktur dan homeopati dalam kes-kes rawat migrin.
Jika anda ingin keterangan lanjut, sila hubungi kami
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